Trond E. Øie is from Bærum, just outside Oslo in Norway. He still lives in Bærum. His musical career started in 1994 with a blues band called Bottle of Blues. The band was started by Trond who was the band’s singer and harmonica player, drummer Ståle Hagen and guitarist Hans Kristian Sandgrind. Bottle of Blues played covers by various blues artists including Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy and B.B. King. After numerous changes in the line-up Ole Petter Flugsrud joined the band as guitarist in 1996. By then Sandgrind had already switched to bass. The band did their first gig on December 17, 1996 at Oslo Bluesklubb, Oslo, Norway. Three more gigs followed the coming months. Then in September 1997, the band split up.

Øie and Flugsrud decided to keep on playing and by June 1998 the acoustic blues duo Øie & Flugsrud was formed. Trond Øie took care of the lead vocals and harmonica, and Ole Petter Flugsrud played acoustic guitar, dobro and did backing vocals. The duo played mainly old and not so old blues covers, but as time went by they also started writing and performing original material. They did their first gig on September 4, 1999 at a local festival in Oslo. For the next four years Øie & Flugsrud played pubs and local festivals in Oslo, evolving from a duo with a repertoire of 5-6 songs playing non-paid gigs, to a duo with a repertoire of some 30 plus songs playing three sets-concerts and get paid for it!

Then in November 2003 Flugsrud realised that working with music wasn't as much fun as it used to be. In fact, it was no longer any fun at all. He quit playing all together. Young mr Øie had to do something else. After long consideration he decided to embark on a solo career. Having written some blues songs in the Øie & Flugsrud-era he now realised that it's much more fun to play blues than to write it. With that in mind, he started writing music that can probably be best described as rock/progrock.

He also decided to form a band which could play the songs, both live and in studio. In October 2004 Trond did a gig with a Norwegian band called Baunen. He knew two of the three band members from before. The only one he didn't know was drummer Gaute Neby. Gaute Neby turned out to be a very nice guy and a great drummer. He was asked to join what was to become Trond's band, and he accepted. Later that month keyboard player Geir Inge Storli joined the band. Trond had known Geir Inge for some years as they had previously met at different jam sessions at several pubs in Oslo.

Many musicians came and went over the next couple of years but putting together a line-up that would work seemed difficult. Gaute eventually left the band and Trond was left with a keyboard player and not much more. Then the luck finally turned. A guy Trond happened to meet at a jam session told him about bass player Jon Christian Lie. Trond called Jon Christian and Jon Christian auditioned for the band soon afterwards. In the spring of 2007 Jon Christian Lie joined the band.

Late 2007 guitarist Tor Svendberg's band split up and he was left with no band to play in. Eager to find somebody to play with he put an add on a website called Musikkweb. Trond saw the add, called Tor, and early 2008 Tor auditioned for the band. The band still had no drummer and playing with a new guitarist in a rock band without a drummer doesn't really tell you that much about the guitarist. Tor felt the same way about the band. Because of this no decision was made about Tor joining the band. In spring 2008 Trond put an add on Musikkweb looking for a drummer. Frederic Rougier saw the add and called Trond. Yet another audition took place. The band liked Tor and Frederic both as musicians and persons, Tor and Frederic obviously felt the same way about the band. Tor and Frederic joined the band in April 2008. The line-up was finally complete.

In the autumn 2008 keyboard player Geir Inge Storli decided to leave the band. The band had already been thinking about recording an album before he told the band he was leaving. Him leaving the band made them record four songs while he was still a member, and he agreed to finish the recording before leaving. The result was the CD "Dreams." By now the band had been named Trond Øie & the Deputies. Geir Inge Storli came up with the name.

"Dreams" was recorded in Oslo, Norway, September 2008. It was released December 5, 2008. Consisting of four songs, all written by Trond E. Øie, Dreams shows the band in fine form. It also highlights two different aspects of the band and their music: The straight forward rock band in the songs A Change Has Got To Come and Does It Really Matter, and the more proggier side in the songs Dreams and Streets Of The City. The CD was well received and was instrumental in getting gigs for the band. As Geir Inge Storli had left the band after the last day of the recording they needed a replacement. An old friend of Trond’s, Per Arne Tandberg, was brought in. Starting out as hired gun for the band’s first ever concert, on December 5, 2008, he quickly became an important fulltime member.

On the strength of "Dreams" the band got more and more gigs and played on pubs and clubs in Oslo the next few years. Guitarist Tor Svendberg and keyboard player Per Arne Tandberg started to write songs for the band, in addition to Trond who kept on writing new songs as well. The repertoire got bigger. In the summer of 2011 Trond decided to leave the band. He needed a break from rehearsing, writing and playing. The band changed its name to Sonic Apollo and recruited a new singer.

In July 2013 Trond started recording a solo album. He brought with him Tor Svendberg, from Trond Øie & the Deputies, on guitar, Trygve Beddari on keyboards and accordion, Tov Ramstad on bass and Marco Dell'Armi on drums. The recording took place at Lydkjøkkenet studio, Oslo, Norway. Øystein Vesaas was the engineer. Four songs were recorded: To A Friend, A Strange Encounter, I Keep on Looking and Expectations. The first three songs are from the Trond Øie & the Deputies days, the latter is a new one. Overdubs were made by Trond and Tor at Lydkjøkkenet the following weeks. Lydkjøkkenet has since been moved to a town called Moss. As Trond didn't want to travel to Moss to continue the recording, the recording continued at Bark studio, Oslo, Norway.

In the spring of 2015 Trond put a new band together. Most of the musicians from the 2013 recording were unavailable. Guitarist Tor Svendberg however, was available and joined the band. An old friend of Trond's, Luis Landa-Schreitt, joined on drums. Trond and Luis had met many times over the years playing at jam sessions at different pubs in Oslo. Through Luis, keyboard player Emilio Grueso joined the band. They both knew bass player Javier Albarran, who joined the band as well. The line-up was finally complete. Rehearsals started in April 2015. In July 2015 Per Øyvind and Trond were finally done mixing and mastering the 2013 recording, which by now was entitled Expectations.

Expectations was released October 7, 2015. The same day Trond and his band played their first concert, at Skuret in Oslo, Norway.

Around Easter 2016 Trond’s band split up and Trond concentrated on writing new material. About a year later he decided that it was time to record a new album. All the musicians from the Expectations recording were now available. In September 2017 Trond, guitarist Tor Svendberg, keyboardist Trygve Beddari, bassist Tov Ramstad and drummer Marco Dell’Armi recorded three new songs: The Lady in The Park, The Signs You Saw and Routines. Anne Margaret Nilsen sang backing vocals on The Signs You Saw. The recording took place at Urban Sound Studios, Oslo, Norway. These three new songs were recorded in only two days, including all overdubs. Recording engineer was Jock Loveband. The songs were mixed by Thomas Wang. As Trond wasn’t completely happy with the way the Expectations EP sounded, he decided to have Wang remix the songs from that EP in addition to mixing the new songs.

Early in 2018 all the songs were mixed and ready for release. Drummer Marco Dell’Armi suggested to Trond that it could be a good idea to put the new songs and the remixed old songs on an album together. Trond thought that was a great idea.

The Signs You Saw was released as a digital single on CD Baby January 21, 2018 and on Spotify and most other streaming and download services January 31, 2018. The full album, entitled Routines and Expectations, was released on CD Baby March 2, 2018 and on Spotify and most other streaming and download services March 10, 2018. These releases are not available in any physical format.

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