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November 11, 2019

Hello everybody! I thought I would let you know that I’m currently writing material for a forthcoming EP. So far I have written two new songs: “December 24” and “Can You Make It Sparkle?” The first one is quite “proggy”, and the latter is a little rocker. I have recorded a demo version of “December 24”, and I am halfway through recording a demo version of “Can You Make It Sparkle?”. In addition to these songs I probably need two more songs if my next record is to be an EP. I have some plans concerning those songs, but I don’t want to reveal those plans just yet! I have no idea when the new EP will be released, but hopefully it will be out some time in 2020. In the meantime, why don’t you listen to some of my older songs?

March 10, 2018

Hello everybody. My new album, "Routines and Expectataions" is now available on Spotify and most other streaming and download services. There are 7 songs on the album. 3 new songs including the single "The Signs You Saw", and 4 old ones. The old ones are remixes of the songs on the "Expectations" EP I released in 2015. Muscians on the album are: Tor Tor Widar Svendberg on guitars and backing vocals, Trygve Beddari on keyboards, Tov Ramstad on bass and cello, Marco Dell'Armi on drums and percussion, Anne Margaret Nilsen backing vocals on "The signs You Saw" and Trond Øie on lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonica, additional keyboards and egg! The new songs were recorded by Jock Loveband at Urban Sound Studios, Oslo, Norway. Thomas Wang mixed the new songs and remixed the old songs at Urban Sound Studios. Tuva Finckenhagen made the wonderful artwork for the cover. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in the making of the album.

February 28, 2018

Hello everybody

We have now completed the mixing and mastering of my forthcoming album «Routines And Expectations», and it was sent to my distributor earlier today. It will be available on Spotify, Tidal and most other streaming services, and for download on iTunes, in about two weeks. Meanwhile, here is the artwork for the album, made by Tuva Finckenhagen.


January 31, 2018

Hello everybody

Today I released my new single «The Signs You Saw». It’s available on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and everywhere else you stream or download music. The song was recorded at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo, Norway, September 18 and 19, 2017. It was recorded by Jock Loveband and mixed by Thomas Wang. As I wrote in my post September 03, 2017, Jock Loveband has vast experience, and has worked as a producer and engineer in London, Paris and Los Angeles. Among the artists he has worked with are The Stranglers, Shirley Bassey, Malcolm Mclaren, Salif Keita, Bel Canto, Madrugada and Savoy. Thomas Wang also has a lot of experience. Previously he has worked with artists such as Sivert Høyem, Backstreet Girls, I Was A King, Harry's Gym and Paal Flaata. Wang has also worked on Oslo Sessions where he did live recordings and mixes of Marit Larsen, Onkel P & Slekta and many other artists. The musicians on this song are the same that played on my last record, «Expectations» from 2015. They are: Tor Svendberg on guitar, Trygve Beddari on keyboards, Tov Ramstad on bass and Marco Dell'Armi on drums. In addition to these fine gentlemen I have also had the privilige of having Anne Margaret Nilsen add some fantastic backing vocals on the choruses. In a few weeks time my new album, «Routines and Expectations», will be released. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy this single )

September 03, 2017

Hello everybody

As I have mentioned earlier I will record some new music this autumn. The recording will take place at Urban Sound studios in Oslo, Norway, September 18 and 19. Additional recordings will be done at a later date. We will record three songs, and they are called "The Signs You Saw", "The Lady In The Park" and "Routines". The recording itself will be done by Jock Loveband. He has vast experience, and has worked as a prodcucer and engineer in London, Paris and Los Angeles. Among the artists he has worked with are The Stranglers, Shirley Bassey, Malcolm Mclaren, Salif Keita, Bel Canto, Madrugada and Savoy. Thomas Wang will mix the recordings. He also has a lot of experience. Previously he has worked with artists such as Sivert H¯yem, Backstreet Girls, I Was A King, Harry's Gym and Paal Flaata. Wang has also worked on Oslo Sessions where he did live recordings and mixes of Marit Larsen, Onkel P & Slekta and many other artists. My musicians on these recordings will be the same people who played on the "Expectations" EP: Tor Svendberg on guitar, Trygve Beddari on keyboards, Tov Ramstad on bass and Marco Dell'Armi on drums. We have started rehearsing and things sound good. I am really looking forward to start recording! )

June 18, 2017

Hello everybody

I thought I would let you know that I will start recording some new music pretty soon. The same musicians who played on the Expectations EP will be with me this time too. They are Marco Dell'Armi on drums, Tov Ramstad on bass, Trygve Beddari on keyboards and Tor Svendberg on guitars. If all goes according to plan rehearsels will start in August and we will start recording in September. I will try to keep you updated as we start rehearsing and recording. In the meantime you can always listen to the Expectations EP on Spotify or any other streaming service you prefer. :)

September 03, 2016

Hello everybody

I haven't been very good at telling you what I've been doing musically lately so I thought I would bring you up to date. Currently I'm writing new songs that will hopefully end up on an EP some time in the future. So far I've written three new songs, and recorded demo versions of two of them. These two songs have the working titles "The signs You Saw" and "The Lady In The Park". The third song doesn't have a working title yet. My plan is to record a demo version of the third song as well. Then I'll write one or two more songs and record demo versions of these songs too. By then I should have enough material to start recording a new EP. I have no idea as to when the new EP will see the light of day, but I hope we can start recording it some time in 2017. Don't forget that you can listen to the EP I released in 2015, "Expectations", on Spotify and all other streaming services.

February 28, 2016

Hi everybody! Next Saturday, March 5, I'll be a guest on a radio show called Uhørt. The show airs on Saturdays 16.00-17.00 on FM 99,3 in the Oslo area, and is part of RadiOrakel. Uhørt is all about progressive rock and other kinds of "strange music". We'll talk about my latest (solo) album, "Expectations", the album I released with Trond Øie & the Deputies back in 2008, "Dreams", and what else I've been doing in music for the last twenty years. I hope you all tune into Uhørt next Saturday.


February 18, 2016

Hello everybody Together with my band I will play at Skuret, Oslo, Norway, Thursday March 10. We will share the evening with the brilliant singer and songwriter Agno and a great band called Herr Pedersen. I will play songs from my solo album "Expectations" and the Trond Øie & the Deputies album "Dreams", and maybe one or two brand new songs. Hope to see you all there!


October 18, 2015

Expectations is now available at Spotify! You can listen to the whole EP there!Search for Trond Øie and you'll find it.


September 19, 2015

Hi everybody. I am doing a showcase at Skuret, Oslo, Norway, on October 7. We'll be playing some songs from my forthcoming EP and some songs from the Trond Øie & the Deputies era. I'm playing with my new band: Luis Landa-Schreitt, drums, Javier Albarran, bass, Emilio Grueso, keyboards, Tor Svendberg, guitar and myself on vocal and harmonica. Hope to see you all there!


September 12, 2015

Hello everybody. This is the cover art for my forthcoming record. The artwork is made by Fredrik Finckenhagen, and I'm very happy with it! Hopefully the record will be released within a couple of weeks.


June 14, 2015

A new EP on it's way


My new record will be an EP called Expectations. It will have four songs, the title track Expectations, To A Friend, A Strange Encounter and I Keep On Looking. The latter three are from my days in Trond Øie & the Deputies. All songs are written by me, except for To A Friend which I wrote together with Per Arne Tandberg. We are now about to complete the mixing of the songs, and I think engineer Per Øyvind Paulsen has done a great job. Hopefully the mixing will be completed in a few days. Together with Fredrik Finckenhagen, who printed the Trond Øie & the Deputies CD Dreams, I've started working on the cover art. What I've seen so far looks very promising. The record will be released as a CD, it will be available for download on Itunes and it will of course be available for streaming on Spotify, Tidal, iMusic and so on.

There is no release date yet, but hopefully it will be out within a few months.


December 19, 2014

A small Christmas update


I've finally put a new band together, and on wednesday we had our first rehearsel. Everything worked the way I want it to. If all goes according to plan we will start rehearsing once a week in January, and keep on rehearsing until we're ready to play concerts. Hopefully it won't be too long until you can see us live!

As most of you probably know we, that's engineer Per Øyvind and myself, have been mixing the songs recorded in July 2013 for a long time now. I thought we had finished mixing two of the songs, namely To a Friend and A Strange Encounter. During the mixing of a third song, called Expectations, we discovered that we were not completely satisfied with how it sounded. We added a bit of air to the sound, if that's making any sense, and it made a huge difference. Because Expectations sounds so much better this way I decided to change the sound of To a Friend and A Strange Encounter the same way. Poor engineer Per Øyvind had to add a bit more air to those songs too, and then master them once again! Poor guy! It was worth the extra effort though because now they sound great!

Now it's time for small Christmas break.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


August 23, 2014

Things are moving forward


After a summer break engineer Per Øyvind and I are now working on the song "Expectations". We started mixing it in May and we now continue mixing it. I think it's starting to sound really good, and hopefully we'll have a final mix within a few weeks.

In May I told you I'd written a new song which at the time didn't have a name. I 've now decided upon a name, and it's "The Signs You Saw". Together with guitarist Tor Svendberg I've also recorded a demo verson of it. We will record a proper verson at some point, but we don't know when that will happen.

Well, that's all from me now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


May 09, 2014

A small update


It's been a while since my last update, so here's what's been going on lately.

The mixing of the songs we recorded last summer continues. Engineer Per Øyvind Paulsen and I have finished mixing " A Strange Encounter", and we're very happy with the result! Some of you may know this song from my days with Trond Øie & the Deputies. Now you will be able to hear it properly recorded and mixed in a recording studio (or actually two studios, to be accurate. :-) )

Per Øyvind has started mixing a song called "Expectations". This is a song I wrote after I left Trond Øie & the Deputies, and it's one of the proggiest pieces of music I've ever written. I will soon join Per Øyvind in the studio and together we will continue mixing it until we're satisfied.

In addition to mixing "A Strange Encounter" I've also found time to write a new song. The song hasn't got a name yet, but it will probably be on my fortcoming album. I'm now in the middle of recording a demo version of the song in my home studio.

Have a nice weekend!


December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 29, 2013

To a Friend mastered

The song To a Friend is now finally mastered and ready for release.

Back in September I thought we'd recorded all the tracks for the song, but I was wrong. Over the last couple of months I have added new backing vocals, and guitarist Tor has added a new guitar solo and some more guitar. After having added the backing vocals and guitars we, engineer Per Øyvind Paulsen and myself, kept on mixing. And now the work with this song has come to an end. Earlier this week Per Øyvind mastered the finished recording. I'm very happy with the result!

I still don't know when it will be released, but i'm considering a digital release in the not so distant future. Stay tuned!


September 8, 2013


I thought I had done all the vocals for the four songs we're recording, but after having listened carefully to what we've got so far I decided that maybe things could be better. Therefore, on wednesday I was once again back at Lydkjøkkenet studio. This time I added backing vocals to the choruses and the last verse on "To a Friend", and I added more lead vocals to the brand new song "Expectations". I think it was worth the effort, as the songs now sound better than ever before!
The recording session on wednesday will probably be my last at Lydkjøkkenet as the studio is moving out of Oslo. Studio owner Øystein Vesaas will start up again in the Norwegian town of Moss, but that's too far from Oslo for me.

Because Lydkjøkkenet is moving to Moss I had to find a new studio in which to do all the mixing that's required. Øystein mentioned a studio in Oslo called Bark and said that it could be worth checking out. So I did, and as I'm writing this the people at Bark are preparing the mixing of "To a Friend". We will probably start mixing this song next week. It will be very interesting to see how this works out. I don't know the people at Bark at all so I don't really know what to expect. Interesting times!


August 21, 2013

On friday we laid down the last tracks on the songs we started recording in July. I did all the lead vocals, one harmonica solo and also additional keyboards on three of the songs. Guitarist Tor laid down additional guitar parts, including a very nice solo on "To a Friend", and backing vocals on two of the songs. Engineer Øystein has sendt us raw mixes of the songs, and it all sounds very promising. However, there's still a lot of work to be done with mixing all the tracks we now have.

I would also like to thank the guys from Frydenlund studio for lending us all the keyboards we wanted, both for the recording session in July and the one we had on friday. Frydenlund studio is located next to Lydkjøkkenet studio where our recording took place. They had nothing to do with our recording, but when we asked them whether we could borrow some of their keyboards they said yes immediately. Great guys!


July 13, 2013

Recording session day two

We continued recording yesterday, and managed to record all the drums, keyboards and bass parts. Most of the guitar parts are also recorded. The musicians, Tov Ramstad on bass, Trygve Beddari on keyboards and accordeon, Marco Dell'Armi on drums and percussion and Tor Svendberg on guitars, all did a fantastic job. Engineer Øystein Vesaas was amazing and a dream to work with. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed yet we did really do a lot during these two days. Two long days of recording have come to and end.

There wasn't enough time for me to record vocals and harmonica yesterday, so the recording will continue in August. Then I will do all the lead and backing vocals, and the harmonica solos. Tor will add som more guitars. After this is done we will start mixing everything. It seems we have about a million different tracks to choose from, and the mixing will be quite a big job. Øystein will do all the mixing with me present, telling him how I want things. (It's great to be the boss!)

Luckily I've received a rough mix of our efforts so far, and I'm actually listening to this for the first time outside the studio while writing this. I will spend at least part of the summer listening to this trying to figure out what to use and what not to use. Besides I also have to find out if there's anything missing in what we've recorded so far.

Well, that's all for me now.

I wish you all a warm and sunny summer!


July 11, 2013

Recording sessions have started

Today we started recording what will hopefully end up on a forthcoming solo album. We recorded backing tracks for all the four songs we're planning to record now, and it sounds great. Tomorrow we'll add solos, some more guitars and keyboards and probably some percussion as well. In addition to this I will be doing lead and backing vocals tomorrow as I only did guide vocals today. On top of that keyboardist Trygve Beddari and I have one or two intros to work on tomorrow. Seems like it's going to be a busy day!

The recording takes place in a studio called "Lydkjøkkenet", in Oslo, Norway. Lydkjøkkenet is a very nice place which actually occypies two floors. There's the control room on one floor and the room where the musicians play, on the next floor.

I'm really looking forward to going back there tomorrow to continue recording.


June 21, 2013

Recording about to begin

Hi all

Next month I will start recording songs that will hopefully end up on a solo album some time in the future. The plan is to record four songs, three of which I played with Trond Øie & the Deputies, and one brand new one. Musicians will be Tov Ramstad, bass, Trygve Beddari, keyboards, Marco Dell'armi, drums and Tor Svendberg, guitars. I played with Tov Ramstad and Trygve Beddari when I played with Gamlebyen Vel in February, and I played with Marco Dell'Armi and Tor Svendberg when I played with Why Not in April. Tor Svendberg was of course also the guitarist in Trond Øie & the Deputies.

The four songs we plan to record are "To a Friend", "A Strange Encounter", "I Keep On Looking" and "Expectations". The three first ones are well known from the live repertiore of Trond Øie & the Deputies, and I also played them with Gamlebyen Vel and Why Not, but they have never been released on record. The last one is a brand new song which has never been played in public.


April 28, 2013

Concert on tuesday

This tuesday Why Not will be playing at Per På Hjørnet in Oslo, Norway. Yesterday we had our last rehearsel before the concert and everything went very well. We're all very much looking forward to the concert, and hope to see you all there!


April 12, 2013

Concert with Why Not

I'm playing with Why Not at Per På Hjørnet, Oslo, Norway, April 30. We'll be playing some of my music, some of guitarist Tor Svendberg's music and a couple of cover songs. Hope to see you all there!


March 1, 2013

New Project

Hi all

I've joined a new project called Why Not. Members are guitarist and singer Tor Svendberg, bass player Jon Christian Lie, guitarist Stig Selnes, drummer Marco Dellarmi and myself on vocals and harmonica. We all have experience from other bands and projects including Trond Øie & the Deputies, Sonic Apollo, Sound Of Tor, Pluto and the Planets and Fatal Fusion. Our music is written by Tor and yours truly, but we will also play some cover songs. Our first concert will be at Per På Hjørnet in Oslo, Norway, on April 30. Hope to see you all there!

Me joining Why Not does not mean that I've given up my solo career. I continue to work on songs for my planned solo album. However, it's nice to be a part of Why Not in addition to working on my solo stuff.

February 12, 2013

Thank you to everybody who came to the concert with Gamlebyen Vel last night. We had a blast!
It was good fun playing acoustic versions of my songs, some of which are quite "prog" and written for a full electric band. Special thanks to the musicians from Gamlebyen Vel for learning, rehearsing and rearranging the songs!


February 9, 2013

Only two more days to the concert with Gamlebyen Vel. I'm spending the weekend practicing. And now, back to work!


December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!


December 17, 2012

I'll be be playing with Gamlebyen Vel at St. Halvard Pub og Bistro in Oslo, Norway, monday February 11, 2013. The concert is part of the Gamlebyen Samvirkelag concert series which takes place every monday at St. Halvard Pub og Bistro.

Gamlebyen Vel consists of three musicians who play a number of instruments, including piano, accordion, double bass, cello and percussion, and they are the house band at these concerts. We'll be playing most of the songs I wrote for Trond Øie & the Deputies, and two covers. In addition to this, Gamlebyen Vel will play some songs on their own.

I'm really looking forward to this. It will be interesting to find out what my music will sound like with instruments like piano and double bass instead of electric guitar and keyboards. Hope to see you all there.

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